sewing therapy: oliver + s popover tunic and shorts

I realized at some point last month that I had not sewn anything since before Jake’s graduation party (because I had to clear off the dining room table, which is my sewing area, for the party).

That means I had not sewn in over a month.

No wonder I had been feeling a tad cranky. :)

This could not stand.  So I decided to make a little something for–who else?–Adeline.

(Side note: I truly am going to try to achieve my goal of making something for myself this summer.  But I had a botched attempt at making a knit skirt for myself, and decided I needed to get a walking foot attachment for my machine before I continue on with that.  But stay tuned for something that I can actually wear myself.)

I still had quite a bit of the animal print fabric that I made Addie’s Easter dress from, and also the shorts fabric.  That is, the shorts that I never made.

Until now.

First, the shorts.

I used the instructions for flat front shorts by Dana of Made; fabric is from the Lisette collection (which you can find at Joann Fabric).

They have a flat front (duh) and elastic back waistband.

I really love this print-that-looks-like-a-solid.  Love the texture it gives.

I even did a double seam hem (without using my double needle, because I couldn’t get it to work correctly.  Blerg.  So I just did it the old fashioned way, twice around, parallel stitching).

For the top, I used Oliver + S Popover Sundress pattern, and just adjusted it a bit shorter, to be a tunic top.

I used some of the Lisette fabric to make the shoulder ties.

Double hem stitching again, on the tunic.

And here it is, all together!

I would have much preferred to have a photo of the girl in it, but alas, that will have to wait until her mama can snap one and send it to me.

Word was that she was much more interested in the books I sent along with the clothes.

Attagirl, Addie. :)

3 thoughts on “sewing therapy: oliver + s popover tunic and shorts

  1. She wore the outfit the next day after we got it, but I didn’t think to take a photo! Next time I will try to get one. It fit very well, though I had to knot the straps because she liked to untie them. :)

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