Random thoughts on a Monday

I have realized that oftentimes I put off any blogging until I have a fully formed idea ready to go. (Some of you are doubting the veracity of “fully formed”, but anyway….) And that generally means that I don’t blog much at all.  But I was thinking about it this morning, and I always enjoy my friends’ blogs when they only throw out a little bit of something, or a random post about what they are doing; so why not me?

So, for your Monday enjoyment—random things.

  • I am roasting a turkey that I got on sale around Thanksgiving time, but didn’t need to use yet, because my sister-in-law always hosts Thanksgiving.  It’s my turn to bring the main dish to Life Group tonight, so….turkey it is.  The most challenging par of making a turkey is to remember to take it out of the freezer four days ahead of time. Thank goodness for the reminder feature on my iPhone.
  • Picked up 4 pounds of strawberries at a good price at Trader Joe’s this weekend.  The clerk asked, “What are you going to do with all of these?”  Um, EAT THEM.  What a treat to have strawberries in the dead of winter. I picked up a pineapple as well, and the two fruits are currently chopped up and nestled together in a bowl in the fridge.
  • Went to get my annual mammogram this morning.  What other medical screening test involves the utter smooshing of a body part?  I’m guessing the test for testicular cancer is not the same procedure. (Although I hear the prostate exam is no piece of cake, either, so I guess that makes it even.) All looks well. Glad I don’t have to come back in six months to check out any “suspicious” areas.
  • We got a couple inches of snow last night, so I scooped and scraped and pushed it off the sidewalk and most of the driveway.  Then I walked the dog, and got to scoop something else. :) The poop-scooping was mitigated by the sight of him tentatively walking on thin-crusted snow, only to have one or more legs suddenly fall through to the snowy ground below.  Apparently I am easily amused by the misfortunes of a creature whose day otherwise mostly consists of lying in the saggy part of the cushion on the back of the couch and sleeping. 
  • I finished up the Christmas newsletter (yes, you read that correctly), and am working on getting them printed up.  So that they can actually be SENT. Through the mail and everything.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I realize that I have not yet posted anything yet about my sewing gift-projects that were Christmas presents. Part of the reason is that some of the photos were taken on our camera, not my phone, and when I hooked it all up, the pictures are not automatically uploading (downloading? whatever) to the laptop, as they usually did.  I blame this on whatever the latest iPhoto update is, and have to have my technician look into it.  I may break it into two posts, and do the ones for which I have photos ready. Otherwise, this may be a post in June sometime…..
  • The Journal of Biblical Counseling has started up again, and is available online.  I am enjoying it, and past articles, immensely. Today I was contemplating this one on Psalm 131 by David Powlison.  Much needed food for my soul. I am too often more like the squalling infant instead of the weaned child.
  • And finally, a gratuitous photo of the grandchild.  Makes me so proud.

Happy Monday, y’all.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a Monday

  1. My Monday was improved by trying to follow your random thoughts. Thanks for sharing before fully forming.
    Adeline’s picture may end up as a screeen saver. What a hoot!

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