Fine art

I have to say that quilting has never been something that has been very attractive to me.  Too fussy, too fiddly, too many little pieces to put together.  Give me a project I can knock out in an afternoon or two.


I have seen some beautiful, more contemporary patterns on pillows, on lap quilts, etc., that make me think, “hmmm….”

And then today I came across this.  Oh, my.

And this.

Still looks like a lot of work.  But it might just be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Fine art

  1. After reading through your blogs and seeing all your creative sewing projects, I KNOW you would LOVE quilting. You can use old fabric….If you cut it too short, you can be creative and fix it…color…color is tantamount to success and I can see you really like color and fabric…and you don’t give up when things don’t go right, you just keep plugging along….I have a group of ladies who quilt for charity…we make quilts and give them away. As part of this project, I teach others to quilt. I would love to have you as a student. It would be wonderful to tap into your creativity.

    • Pat: I would love to be your student! But how does that work, long-distance? :)

      I did find a couple of simple quilt things for beginners; maybe this summer…..

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