P is for Pachyderm

I am somewhat of a sucker for paper goods.  I have to shield myself from the DiVoga line of office products when I go into Office Max just to pick up a ream of copy paper or more ink.  Otherwise I end up with a whole slew of sweet file folders, binders, and notebooks that I won’t necessarily use.

And I’m glad there’s not a Papyrus store nearby, or I would be in trouble.

So I suppose it’s no surprise that when Marc and I walked over to the Lincoln Arts Festival being held at Southpointe Mall the other day, I ended up with paper goods.

But not just any paper goods; works of art.

Meghan Stratman makes paper collages (among other things) that simply rock. I love the layering, the texture,  and the unusual point of view.

For example, I bought these cards from her, which were prints of a couple of her collages:

“F is for Fainting Goat”

“P is for Pachyderm”

These photos are not great, because they were taken on my phone camera, because the charger for the battery for our good camera is still in the moving rubble; not to mention the poor lighting, the shadows from my head….ai yi yi.      So….yeah.  Sorry about that.

They totally do NOT do justice to their loveliness.

How about these images instead, taken from Meghan’s website?

Green Dragon

R is for Robot

And here a couple from her “Nerd Love” fan-art collection:

Pris from Bladerunner

Hal from 2001

Ah.  Much better.

Want to see more of Meghan’s work?  She is being featured the entire month of October at Screen Art, 416 S. 11th, here in Lincoln.  Go in person and see them; that way you will get the full effect of the texture and layering.

Can’t make it there?  Visit her website, bunnypirates.com to see more of Meghan’s work.  And then buy something.

I can’t wait to send the cards I bought to some special someone.

Or maybe I’ll just keep them and frame them for myself.

That  upside down goat just makes me smile. :)

7 thoughts on “P is for Pachyderm

  1. Oooo. Likey. I missed the Lincoln Arts Festival? Drats.

    I also like paper goods, and went to Porridge Papers in Brownville on the way home from camping.

    I bought someone a gift, but I’m already attached. A perfect opportunity to put others before myself. We’ll see how it pans out. :)

  2. You need to check out a PaperSource. It is beautiful. They have a store here in KC and are of course, online. I sometimes go in and look at the sheets of paper, wondering if I could tack the sheets onto the wall and pretend it’s wallpaper.

  3. LOL I’ve actually seen a fainting goat before! We couldn’t get it to faint, but we did get its knees to buckle. So mean, I know. I’ll have to check her out! Love it!

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