Prayer for a married couple

A few weeks ago, I helped host a bridal shower for some dear friends‘ daughter, who will be married on Friday.  As part of the shower, some people were asked to pray for the couple –for their time leading up to the wedding, the actual wedding day, and then the time afterward.  I was asked to pray for their time after the wedding.

I was going to just pray “off the cuff” so to speak; but the more that I thought about it in the days leading up to the shower, the more things came to mind that I wanted to be sure to include.  So, before the shower, I jotted down my thoughts and prayers for this lovely new couple who is just starting their journey together.

I will be praying this for Matt and Ashley again, after their wedding. I think that the thoughts included are good for all of us married folks to remember as well.

Father, we pray now for Matt and Ashley’s time as they begin their marriage; after all the excitement and celebration, the showers and the congratulations–when their life begins “the Real Stuff”.  I pray that you would be with them in the adjustment of living together,  the day to day ebb and flow, the nitty gritty details of every day. We pray that they would delight in learning new things about each other, and that they would love each other well as they both grow and change through the years.

May their intimacy be sweet and satisfying, a true picture of the intimate relationship between you and your Bride, the church.  May their entire marriage be a vision of that as well, so that those around them may be encouraged by their humility and love for one another.

Father, let repentance and forgiveness flow back and forth between them, freely and continuously; let grace be the hallmark of their marriage.

Father, help us, as their friends and family and church body, to love and support them, to exhort and encourage them, to help them to be more like you in every way.  May Ashley and Matt always look first to You for their strength and their identity, and then to each other for the loving support you have intended and ordained marriage to be.

We pray all of these things in the precious name of your son Jesus, in whom we trust and rest.


5 thoughts on “Prayer for a married couple

  1. What a lovely thought. Friends of ours are getting married this weekend and we have a church meeting this evening. Would you mind if I used this prayer during the meeting?

    • That would be fine. Although I would recommend you changing the names to the names of the couple to be married. :)
      Blessing on the happy couple!

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